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Motorcycle Quick Shifter and Flat Shifter Systems

Flatshifter are leading suppliers of motorsport quickshifter kits for motorcycle engines, race cars, bike engine cars and much more. Our products are supplied to many of the top race car and motorcycle teams, as well as kit car manufacturers. Our quickshifter systems are designed for use on motorbikes, trikes bike-engined cars and many other types of racing vehicles fitted with sequential gearboxes from V12 to 125 cc bikes.

Customer Quotes

Flatshifter enables fast and easy full throttle upshifts. It’s like having one really long gear.

Luca Martinelli

Overall very pleased and now its time to go to bed with a smile on my face


I am very pleased with the quality of the product and the help and support that you guys gave me during the installation process!.


Just did my first full track day with a functional Flatshifter installed. It worked absolutely flawlessly!

Lawrence Loshak

Since fitting the Flatshifter blip it has made downshifts so much easier to the extent now that you just take it for granted

Lee Adams

The Flatshifter Expert , Max and paddle systems truly are wonderful piece`s of equipment and makes driving the car an even better experience

Tim Gray

We have used the Flatshifter Max for a couple of year with zero problems. Of course we also won the Runoffs with it the first time we used it.

Jay Novak

Why not get a full quickshifter upgrade?

Inferior quickshifter products only offer you clutch less up shifting only but the Flatshifter range of revolutionary quickshifters are very unique in design and offers you a clutchless up shift system (club) & 3 other quickshifter systems giving full or part throttle clutch less up shifts and clutchless self regulating downshifts with our unique auto blip system ( Pro & Expert systems) providing a quickshifters system suitable for every rider or driver the very best systems available on the market today.