<a href="http://flatshifter.com/pro/"><b>Flatshifter Pro</b></a><p>Flatshifter Pro Quickshifter System Full or Part-throttle clutchless Upshifts AND clutchless Downshifts. Road / kit car quickshifter system (see Expert system for track day and race use). Proven on our</p> <a href="http://flatshifter.com/club/"><b>Flatshifter Club</b></a><p>Flatshifter Club Quickshifter System Flatshifter club Full or Part-throttle Clutchless Up-gear shift quickshifter system: The FlatShifter Club has been designed as a reliable, easy to fit quickshifter that allows smooth</p> <a href="http://flatshifter.com/max/"><b>Flatshifter Max</b></a><p>Flatshifter Max Electric Solenoid Gear Shift System The Flatshifter Max Electric gearshift system is manufactured and designed and in the UK to offer the professional or club driver/rider all of</p> <a href="http://flatshifter.com/expert/"><b>Flatshifter Expert</b></a><p>Flatshifter Expert The Ultimate Race Quick-Shifter System Auto self regulating throttle Blip for downshifts Adjustable cut Timing Intelligent Ignition Cut Soft Power Restore for Smooth Gear Changes Proven on our</p> <a href="http://flatshifter.com/auto-clutch/"><b>Auto-Clutch</b></a><p>Flatshifter Auto Clutch Control System* The Flatshifter Automatic Clutch Control System allows an original equipment manual clutch to be controlled automatically by using the vehicle’s throttle only, in a similar</p>

The true home of motorsport & motorcycle quickshifter & Flatshifter systems for sequentially equipped race cars, motorcycles as well as bike engined cars.

About Flatshifter

The team at Flatshifter are passionate about designing and building quickshifter / seamless shift systems. For over 12 years we have between us competed in motorcycle racing, drag racing, F750 race cars, karting as well as bike engined single seat racing. Flatshifter also focuses on a specific range of products to make biking and motorcycle riding possible for disabled and handicapped motorcycle riders.

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Our Products

Flatshifter delivers a large range of quickshifter kits, bike engined cars, bike powered cars and clutchless shifting products. Flatshifter products are one of their kind and we have the monopoly in the clutchless shifting kits and other biking products. With the Club, Pro & Expert systems you still change gear manually but with Max system you get clutchless systems to change gear using buttons or paddles.

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Our Store

Please see a list of our most popular products below or for the full list please visit our buy online page here. Flatshifter Club, Pro, Expert, Blip, Dual Lever, Max, Paddles, “Shift” Strain Gauge Gear Knob, Slik-shift kit, Auto-clutch, etc. You will get the best prices here and we also provide customized quickshifter & clutchless shifting products on your requests!

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