Dual-Lever / Twin-Lever System

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Trike & motorcycle Dual-lever twin clutch & brake System

Enables the clutch and brake or front and rear brake to be operated with only one hand.


This unique Dual-Lever system can be fitted to either side of the handlebars, operating both the clutch and brake or the front/rear brakes.
Manufactured to the very highest standard, using the latest engineering techniques this new system comes in one neat lightweight fully adjustable assembly.

• Unique modular design.
• Superb quality.
• Can be easily reconfigured to suit your new motorcycle or trike if you change it.
• Cable-operated clutch with hydraulic brake no problem.
• Hydraulic clutch with hydraulic brake operation.
• Cable clutch with cable brakes ( very old classic bikes ).
• Matching clutch lever is also available if using a Dual-Lever for front/rear brake operation.
• Hydraulic modules are available in either 14.0mm or 17.5mm bore sizes so that the front and rear master cylinders can be matched to the caliper sizes for optimum braking performance, unlike any similar systems.

Example Of Two Options :

• This symmetrical design enables left or right-hand mounting.
• One assembly with hydraulic & cable operation.
• Can be set up for clutch and brake operation or front brake & rear brake operation.
• Built-in rear-view mirror mounting boss.
• Clutch and brake Lever offsets are fully adjustable.
• Lever ratio is also fully adjustable on hydraulic assemblies. Fits handlebars that are 7/8” or 1” in diameter.
• Two completely independent systems in one neat package.
• U.S. Patent applied for # 61078875.
• Twin cable, twin hydraulic, or single cable and single hydraulic.
• Variable length/angle clutch/brake levers for the most comfortable setup.

This Dual-Lever kit can be easily reconfigured to suit your new motorcycle or trike, so no need to purchase a new Dual-Lever, if or when you update your machine, for example, you will get the very most from your investment.

Dual-Lever system with equal-length levers

Dual-Lever system ( with two long levers)

Each lever has a large adjustment range which results in a total possible offset of more than 60mm (2- 1/4”) hydraulic modules are available in bore sizes of either 17.5mm or 14.0mm so both front and rear brake or clutch master cylinders can be matched to the caliper sizes for the optimum braking performance, or alternatively use one lever to operate the clutch the other lever the brake.

A matching clutch lever is also available if required.

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Flatshifter DuaL-lever, only £1150.00 GBP + vat (vat UK only)

Fitting Kit £170 + VAT (vat UK only) + Delivery/Shipping

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