About Us…

We are passionate about designing and building quick shifter and seamless shift systems. Between us, we have over 22 years of experience in Motorcycle racing, Drag Racing, F750 Race cars, go-karts, as well as bike-engine single-seater race cars. Flatshifter focuses on a specific range of products, to make an improved biking/motorcycle riding experience for everyone. Our Products can also enable people with disabilities to ride/drive again.

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Flatshifter Expert, Caterham 7

Manufactured to the very highest standards, and using the latest engineering techniques this new system sets a new benchmark in the world of the disabled rider.  Allied to the Flatshifter Expert System, (clutch-less up & down gear-shifter – ‘Expert system’ and button operated gear selector kits – ‘Max system’). Riders with paraplegia, disabled motorcycle riders and amputees, can now ride a bike, trike or a side-car outfit with complete confidence. Flatshifter enables motorcycle & trike riders who only have the use of only one arm to control (Dual-Lever) two levers in one neat lightweight fully adjustable assembly.